GOLDEN STATES OF GRACEGolden States of Grace

Foreword by Jack Miles, Published by University of New Mexico Press

Using California as a window into the diversity of religion in America, Golden States of Grace documents marginalized communities at prayer in their own faith traditions. The collection, akin to a contemporary visual prayer book, is composed of nearly 100 images, three dozen prayers written by project participants, plus several essays and oral histories. Spanning eight religions, it is thoroughly interfaith, introducing us to the nation’s only halfway house for addicts self-identified as Jewish, a transsexual gospel choir, a Buddhist community in San Quentin, a Mormon congregation organized by the deaf for the deaf, Latina sex workers worshipping the female folk deity Santísima Muerte, and more. The poignant stories Nahmias has gathered here cross numerous boundaries and ask difficult questions few outsiders have been willing to pose.

“Golden States of Grace brings together such depth and diversity of faith and humanity, that it seems three-dimensional. It is hard to think of another body of work which looks so compassionately at the faces and voices of disinherited peoples while asking us to think deeply about how we own or disown those on the margins. This is a book for anyone who has ever felt left out, pushed out, or just wondered what it feels like to be on the outside—that is, a book for all of us.”
Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking

“Rick Nahmias’s depth photography places a mirror before us that reflects the hidden self of the ‘other’ and thereby the hidden self of the viewer. Through Nahmias’s penetrating art, we sense the dignity of those bowed down, along with the promise in their resilience. Through the eye of the camera, the soul of conscience is touched.”
—Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis, Co-Founder, Jewish World Watch; Founder, Jewish Foundation for the Righteous

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Foreword by, Dolores Huerta, Published by University of New Mexico Press

The images and essays in this book highlight the lives of the men and women who struggle to exist while literally feeding this country. Countless words and studies over decades bemoan the plight of those who toil in the fields, but Nahmias’s pictures bring farm workers to us in an unforgettable way, taking us beyond stoop labor stills and into their intimate moments and inner lives. Having traveled over four thousand miles to document California’s migrant workforce, Nahmias’s soulful images and incisive text go beyond one state’s issues, illuminating the bigger story about the human cost of feeding America. The Migrant Project includes the images and text of the traveling exhibition of the same name, along with over two dozen additional images and an in-depth preface by Nahmias. Accompanied by a Foreword from United Farm Worker co-creator Dolores Huerta, essays by top farm worker advocates, and oral histories from farm workers themselves, this volume should find itself at home in the hands of everyone from the student and teacher, to the activist, the photography enthusiast, and the food consumer.

“…Most Americans never see the faces of these hard-working men and women [who tend our fields], and know little or nothing about the harsh conditions they endure. “The Migrant Project” has done an extraordinary job documenting these workers’ lives. Rick Nahmias’s powerful photographs and the beautiful essays of dedicated advocates tell an inspiring story of the farmworkers’ historic struggle for the respect, the dignity, and the justice they so obviously deserve.”
— U. S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts

“Nahmias’s images starkly capture both the humanity of the farm workers who literally feed our country, and the inhumanity of a system which has kept them and their predecessors prisoners to poverty for decades. This book is a testament to the flesh-and-blood cost of feeding America.”
—Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post

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Also available: “Lessons from ‘The Migrant Project’” Middle and High School Standards-Based Curriculum. DOWNLOAD THE PDF or for more information, please contact: info [at] themigrantproject [dot] com


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