Public Talks, Workshops and Multimedia Programs Addressing:

Diversity, Community & The Margins of American Society

Rick Nahmias, is the creator of three acclaimed traveling photo-documentary and multimedia exhibitions and their companion books which have helped bring to the public the faces and stories of individuals and communities existing far from the average American’s view: migrant farm workers, prisoners at prayer, a vivacious community of Holocaust survivors, to name a few.
His projects represent a new hybrid of art, education and humanities and have been presented at over forty venues in the US and abroad. Nahmias and his work have been profiled in top newspapers, magazines and academic journals, as well as on television, radio and across the blogosphere. His prints are part of prominent public and private collections including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

His first body of work, “The Migrant Project: Contemporary California Farm Workers,”

received several accolades including a citation of merit from the US Congress. His follow-up, “Golden States of Grace: Prayers of the Disinherited,” drew praise from newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times which called it, “A Veritable United Nations of spirituality.” His latest project, “Last Days of The Four Seasons,” explores themes of loss, memory, community and place, and asks questions about what we lose when iconic American communities go extinct.

Whether speaking publicly or leading interactive cultural sensitivity workshops based on his subjects, Nahmias brings an uncanny degree of compassion to bare and finds a way to help each audience member connect with the vital contemporary themes he explores. He has been a featured speaker, workshop leader and has keynoted at institutions/venues ranging from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School to The National Hispanic Cultural Center, and from The National Steinbeck Center to University of Pittsburgh.

Be they the rural poor, those afflicted with HIV/AIDS, survivors of genocide, immigrants, women in prison, the elderly, or myriad others communities, Nahmias employs a dynamic blend of image, voice and words in his talks and workshops and has become a thought-provoking presenter who mines humanity through a range of topics such as diversity and discovering the “us” in “them.” His presentations specifically aim to help connect audience members to common denominator issues we all share such as food, faith or how communities function.

Nahmias’s visually distinct talks and hands-on experiential multimedia workshops are suited for everything from the general public to university, fine art and humanities audiences; from cultural and religious centers to national conferences and special events. Messages, program length and content are modulated whether it be for keynotes or intimate workshop settings.

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